Document Management

Our Electronic Document Management Solutions (EDMS) team is your liaison at Crisp Imaging and into the future. Let us professionally manage your hard copy plan rooms/storage. Crisp Imaging can scan black and white and color documents in both small and large formats. We scan documents with OCR-Optical Character Recognition and provide your preferred method of receipt i.e. CD, flash drive, external hard drive. We can burn large scale files into terra drives or store them on one of our many cloud based programs. We can also de-speckle and clean up scanned documents for clear output, and you can store files within the Crisp Imaging plan-rooms available or with a special client off-site plan-room.


Legacy Scanning

Searching through historical sheets and documents is a thing of the past. No need to unroll old set after set to find that as-built from 1950. Have our team organize, scan, and digitize those sheets for easy online access. Custom build digital maps are linked to your folders, plans, photos, specs, etc. for easy access anywhere. Can be paired with our proprietary document management software, Docu-Dock.


Docu-Dock is a brand new digital cloud based repository catered specifically to easily accessing plans and construction documents. It was made to ease the pain of those who struggle to access construction plans and documents from the past quickly. One of the main functions of Docu-Dock is its completely custom searching capabilities. The creators of Docu-Dock have a preliminary set of data to pull from each plan and register with the system. From that data, you can choose up to eight fields with which you can search by. You can set the search to be by year, by architect, by practically whatever you want based on information contained within the plan.


Quickly navigate through your PDF plans with Hyperlinking. Details, specifications, RFIs and more; now easily located by a simple click.


Need to navigate your set of plans fast? Hyperlinking is the future! Details, specifications, bulletins, etc are now linked to the PDF sheets.


SmartBid is the preferred invitation to bid software for commercial general contractors worldwide. With the SmartBid bid management software, general contractors can access a web-based and mobile platform to streamline their bid project data, documents, and subcontractor communications.


Track your projects’ current plans and historical docs with Planwell Enterprise. You can be sure your team is working with the latest and greatest sheets by utilizing Planwell. Planwell is a secure, online solution that is always available. With 24/7 access, you can always see your projects from almost any digital portal.