Corporate Office Visuals

Why use Corporate Office Visuals?


A well thought out office environment that provides inspiration, excitement, and a sense of comfort can provide benefit to both your employees and your brand. Often overlooked, corporate office visuals can provide the necessary means to enhance your office and bring it to life. It is important for corporations to keep their employees happy so work rate and overall morale remains high. Office visuals can do exactly that by giving everyone a sense of pride in the work that they do day in and day out. If you are a company that has meetings with important clients or vendors, office visuals can showcase your company and brand in a high regard leading to positive opinions about your company.

What types of Office Visuals are the most common?


No two offices are identical, but we offer a variety of products that can be used in and around most office environments. Below is a list of some of the more common products we produce.


Wall Coverings - Taking advantage of unused wall space with printed wall murals can turn your office into a work of art. Wall coverings provide photo realistic imagery that can be installed on any size wall. They can be easily removed and will not harm the underneath layer of paint during removal. Wall coverings can engage your audience and tell your brand story, or display a unique piece artwork or imagery.


Lobby & Wall Signage - First impressions mean a lot, and your lobby or reception area is often the first interaction people have with your office. Designing and creating an area that looks both professionally and stylistically planned can make an impact on the impressions people have about your business. Products like 3D lettering will add dimensionality to the office, while wall signage made out of acrylic or dibond will promote a higher end look and feel of the office. We offer countless number of options and designs for hanging wall signage.

Window Graphics - Whether it be outdoor facing windows or indoor glass walls/windows, taking advantage of these areas in a well thought out and planned manner can compliment the rest of your office even further. We have various substrates and printing options for different styles of window treatments. For offices and conference rooms that require more privacy than others, there is a frosted vinyl that can be installed directly to the glass. If you want a graphic on a window but still want light to enter and exit the room, we offer a perforated vinyl that has small holes throughout the substrate. This creates a visual graphic that can be seen clearly and also allows light to enter through. Perforated vinyl can also be used for outdoor office windows if a full cover adhesive vinyl is not a preference.


Fine Art Décor - As mentioned above, there are lots of different types of wall signage options that are available. Fine art décor falls under this category. We will take any image and reproduce it on the substrate of your choice. When it comes to fine art décor, our most common substrates are acrylic, dibond, wood, and canvas. Each substrate can be finished in multiple different ways to give your artwork a high quality, professional look when on your walls. The most common finishing options are stainless steel stand-offs, french cleats, frames, or in the case of canvas prints, a custom made wooden stretcher bar that allows the canvas to wrap around the wooden frame.




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